For Users

  • Instant Rider Pickup

    Get a delivery bike instantly - No more disappointments or delays.

  • Schedule a pick up

    Schedule a pick up or delivery at a later date for convenience

  • Track your goods

    Track your Items from pickup location to delivery location easily

  • Multi-location Request

    With FlashBike you can pick up goods from multiple supported locations in the Country


For Companies

  • Increase Revenue

    Earn more revenue by receiving payments directly from clients

  • Gain Analytics

    Gain Analytics by deploying bikes to where there're bike shortages

  • Track your Bikes

    Improve business efficiency by tracking the location of your bikes.

  • More Publicity

    Gain adverts on the Flashbike Social Media handles, app and website

User Testimonials

Flashbike Mobile app has shaken the bike logisitc inddustry, my goods get picked up and delivered on time.
Dr. Bukky Falade

This is the next big thing in the bike business. Now my bike riders know exactly where to go for pickups and I can track where they are whilst ensuring they fulfil only official orders. Thank you FlashBike for brining this.
Olubusola Temitope

This is like Uber or Bolt for the Bike business. I downloaded the Flash Bike app and requested for delivery bike. In less than 4 minutes, a rider picked up my item for dispatch.
Dorcas Elisha
Frequently Asked Questions - Users
  • 1. How quickly can I get a dispatch bike?

    Answer: Our goal is to get you a dispacth bike within 5 minutes of request and we are working with many logistic bike companies to fulfil this mission.

  • 2. Does Flashbike collect money for delivery?

    Answer: No, we do not. The power to negotiate fees and terms with the dispatch company or rider is in your hands.

  • 3. What if I cancel the bike request

    Answer: We understand this can occur once in a while but with valid reasons. However, if cancellations are excessive, we may restrict your use of our platform.

  • 4. Do I pay at pick up or delivery?

    Answer: We strongly encourage payment at point of pickup but you and the dispatch company/rider can agree alternative method of payment.

Frequently Asked Questions - Companies
  • 1. What is the onboarding process?

    Answer: Download the simple guide here

  • 2. How does the rider get orders?

    Answer: 1. If you prefer Customers calling you (and not your Rider), please use your number on "Flashbike" App when you want to enroll the Rider.
    2. Use the same number on the "Flashbike Champion" App to login.
    3. Your Rider only needs to stay online on the "Flashbike Champion" App and accept requests from Customers.

  • 3. How much does it cost to onboard my bike(s)?

    Answer: At this moment, it is absolutely free.

  • 4. Can I onboard just one bike?

    Answer: Yes, you can onboard one or more bikes.

  • 5. Will I loose my bike ownership to Flashbike?

    Answer: No, we do not take over your bike, you simply place your bike on our platform to get you more orders to fulfil to make more money. You do not also need to rebrand your bikes to our name.

  • 6. I have bikes, can you get me riders?

    Answer: Yes, we can get you riders. Please reach out to us via

  • 7. I am a rider but I have no bike. Can you help?

    Answer: Yes, we can connect you to our partner companies who own bikes and are looking for riders. Please send a mail to

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